The Bible vs Science

Which one? Yawn, plenty of people have argued about science vs religion. Well, here is my two cents worth on some big issues in relation to this seemingly complex debate. The reason that prompted me to write was a comment I saw in a newspaper referring to religious study in schools. Christian religious study has been banned in public schools and evolution is now being taught as primary. School chaplains are no longer required for counselling and are being replaced by psychologists who apparently don’t have an ‘invisible friend’ (ref: to the Holy Spirit). Science and Religion go together just like we need to cater for both the Spiritual and Physical welfare of children. The Bible should be the authority over science. Not the other way around!

Problem 1: Science bases itself on 5% of the measurable universe. Around 5% of the universe is matter that is measurable and this is where science gets all its evidence that we find in school books from. No doubt science is correct on many levels. However, theoretical physics is purely mathematical and is very difficult to prove. “No Sheldon!…string theory cannot be proven yet but I know you are working on it!

So what about the other 95%? The rest of the universe is made up of two fundamental forces, Dark Matter (27%) and Dark Energy (68%). Dark just means invisible, can’t be seen or properly measured but its there. In simple terms, Dark Matter appears to binds galaxies together and Dark Energy appears to separate them. Check out youtube there are plenty of videos that talk about it.

My Answer. The Bible already speaks of these two fundamental forces that make up 95% of the universe way back in the beginning as described in Genesis. Genesis chapter 1 & 2 are narratives demonstrating a binding force (Creative). Genesis 3 & 4 are narratives demonstrating a separating force (Destructive). Science at the moment has little idea what Dark Energy and Dark Matter are or how they work in relation to creation but they are working on it. To me, the Bible already shows us through a metaphor that they are Gods left and right hands – the right hand that binds being Christ (the force of love) and the left hand that separates being Satan (the force of fear). God the Father is the Great and Eternal Potter that is the source of all things and continues to mold creation in accordance with His will….need I say more!

Science cannot prove how the universe began. The CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) became visible as a garden of sub atomic particles from which everything proceeded around 380,000 years after the event. It is said to be the remnant of radiation that occurred at the origin point but is not the origin point itself. Therefore, science cannot actually see what happened at the origin point only a remnant of what possibly happened about 380,000 years after the event? Thus, it is impossible to prove origins – that’s why they call it a THEORY. Yes, something happened but no one knows what and no-one can seem to prove it.

My Answer. No different to Genesis which is also a 5000 year old THEORY. Put the two together side by side and we can possibly reconcile the Bible and Science together. In the beginning God (a label for something we don’t understand covered in darkness and extremely powerful), from Him proceeded all things light, water, seas, earth, fish, birds, animals and man. It all fits in accordance with sub-atomic particles and evolutionary biology as found as proceeding from the CMB (A cosmic Garden of Eden) – study it diligently and we can make the connections.

Concluding with my own Theory.

The studies of the varying theories on the origin and condition of the universe seem to me to match the idea of family and in particular the conception and expansion of a child in the womb of a woman during pregnancy – basically our natural desires to create life are following a pattern that existed at the point of origin 13.8 billion years ago. Sex is actually the most beautiful and loving thing that can occur between a man and a woman and God ordained it in the beginning (be fruitful and multiply). The reason is because it leads to the creation of life and man and woman were created in the image of God. The problem is the world has completely defiled sex, its meaning and purpose within the confines of society!

The creation of life follows a simple pattern:

  1. Act of Sex (heat/friction/union)
  2. Conception (binding)
  3. Pregnancy (expansion and growth of cells)
  4. Birth (labor pains/suffering/casting out)

Jesus speaks of this same pattern by referencing the labor pains that will be experienced at the end times (Matt 24:8, Mark 13:8), and Genesis speaks of the union between man and woman. All of these components follow a foundation of pattern for life/death which is cyclic. 2000 years ago Jesus saw that we were about to enter into labor pains the question is where are we now?

This fundamental ‘life’ pattern exists at the base level of all the primary sub-atomic elements that make up all living things. We can only operate within the boundaries of creation – we cannot operate outside of them. Jesus understood the pattern because He authored the pattern – He was the greatest physicist, biologist, chemist, counselor, psychiatrist and doctor within creation.

We see this pattern in life because everything in creation is rooted in these sub-atomic particles that are bound to this pattern. (We live inside the matrix). Study, life, humans and creation, find the fundamental patterns and we begin to understand the origins of the universe if we extrapolate them backwards through time. Particles don’t operate outside of a fixed set of rules and neither can we.

If I can lighten the mood a little in regards to our origins, to me “It really was a Big Bang between some unknown particles called Adam and Eve and it was really Hot about 273 million degrees!

The Bible is the perfect study of humans in relation to God and therefore it gives us the answers to understanding the patterns of behavior behind sociology, biology, chemistry, physics and quantum physics that lead back to God Himself. Maybe we should look to the Bible and start finding a way to use it as the authority over science instead of the other way around.

Gen 1:1, “In the beginning God…” the author and source of all science and religion.

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