, smashed big time!

An email just came through into my inbox from saying that their creationist argument against the Big Bang hypothesis is no longer valid. Read more here:

I have been following for a while and they have been doing a great job fighting for Christ and the literal truth of the Bible as Gods Word – the war is not yet over. But for me, based on the post received, I believe that there is a need for a shift in tactics. As Christians we need to move towards looking at the Bible and its narratives through a more symbolic metaphorical lens. I believe this is our key if we are to win the war of trying to reconcile Science and the Bible together.


Like those at, I believe in the truth and authority of scripture as being the foundation for everything. I also seek to find the merger between science and the Bible. I continue to fight for Christ each day, but over time I have come to embrace a different method of making the mergers between these two areas of study. Jesus said to the disciples who complained about another one casting out demons in Mark 9:39, “Do not stop him, for no one who does a mighty work in my name will be able soon afterward to speak evil of me.

Instead of going at science from the literal perspective, which I have done in the past and failed, I now merge science and the Bible together using relational metaphor and symbolic substitution. I don’t ever lose connection with the literal sense of the Biblical text as that is the foundation for my faith. But I tend to use the literal as a stepping stone of faith, to drive myself into the deeper meanings found in the relationships between the character elements using symbolic substitution. Check out my post on Samson and Delilah if you want to see an example of this method and the stories connection to psychology (logic and emotion).


I do agree that there are some literal interpretations of texts that can be directly connected to science without modification. However, I don’t try and twist or argue science to fit the literal interpretation of the narrative. Instead I just accept on face value where science fits and where it doesn’t. The Bible ultimately has authority. One problem is the age of the earth being 5000 years (literal) in contrast to science showing the earth age of 4.5 billion years and the universe at 13.8 billion years. You can look at how evolution and science has been refuted at But to me, sometimes the literal just doesn’t fit without some serious twisting.

But what we tend to forget, is that the Bible also has two facets where science only has one. The Bible like Paul said to the Corinthians is both milk and meat. It has both a literal (milk) and a metaphorical (meaty) interpretation that can be applied to science. We need to remember that God exists above all, through all and in all (Ephesians 4:6). We don’t make science fit the Bible, we use the meat of the Bible in its metaphorical and symbolic interpretations to explain science.

There are so many connections to science, evolution, biology, chemistry, physics, quantum physics and reproduction in the Bible its not funny! What John said about Christ is actually true (John 21:24). We need to remember that God is sovereign over creation which includes science and all its outcomes. Nothing happens that is beyond Gods own will or understanding.


Let me now demonstrate how a simple but straightforward literal reading of the book of Acts can bring forward the power and authority of the Bible over science.

Phillips encounter with the Ethiopian Eunuch as recorded in the book of Acts 8:39-40, is a classic merger between scientific principles and Christianity. In the story, Phillip is suddenly whisked away to another location when the Eunuch comes up out of the water during baptism. Here we see the very first encounter of a human being with the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, that connects two points in space time allowing quick passage between those two points. Einstein proved mathematically nearly 2000 years after Phillips encounter, that what really happened to Phillip is actually scientifically possible.


As Christians we are supposed to walk in the image of Christ. Therefore, just as Christ united Heaven and Earth together through the cross, we have the responsibility to bind science and religion together. At some stage in the future I hope that we will be able through metaphor and symbolism, unify science and the Bible together so that unbelievers will finally realize that God in the person of Christ is absolutely real beyond any reasonable doubt. He existed at the point of origin of the Big Bang and is the source of everything in creation.

May God bless the people at and move them forward in their journey to reconcile Science and Religion together for His glory.

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