The Gift

I thought I would use this image to highlight that God has a sense of humor. I received this image from my son and daughter as a gift that they had drawn while overseas. God often uses children to bring forth the fruit of joy and laughter. But within this image is also something more sinister – if you look beyond what you see.

The message this morning is that sometimes, we can use our gifts in honor of ourselves, to gain or profit from others. This is so we can begin to build up our own Kingdom instead of furthering Gods own kingdom. Sometimes we are not aware of this fact and inadvertently become a builder of the kingdom of the devil instead of the kingdom of God.

This is something that we must be aware of especially within the church. We are not to honor ourselves but to give honor and praise to God through Christ as He is the only one worthy to be praised. Unfortunately, just like my previous post on Eve highlighted, with power comes the temptation to operate independent of Gods will. All those in positions of power are subject to being tempted to commit the sin of pride rooted in independence. Unfortunately, some pastors and church followers inadvertently fall as casualties of war to the enemies fiery darts.

Today, let us laugh at this image but also use it as a reminder to always use our gifts in honor and praise of God. It is His will that we bring forth the fruit of love as found in the Cross of Christ to further His kingdom. All our gifts both physical and spiritual are to be used in honor of Him, so let us ensure that we always use them in ways that build people up and not destroy them.

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