Eve – A Symbol of Power

I was hunting around the WordPress.com community this morning and found a few really nice posts on Eve. As I love the Adam and Eve story they caught my eye and sparked some additional thoughts that some people may not have considered. So here I go with “Eve – A symbol of power”. Some insights beyond what most people have traditionally been taught. Please be aware, I will replace the terms man and woman in the Biblical story with the terms Adam and Eve just to make things a little easier…enjoy!

Eve was actually the most powerful element in the Garden, not Adam – say what? The serpent went to Eve because Eve was the link in the chain between Adam and God. This is confirmed in chapter 3 when God reorders Adam and Eve after the fall Gen 3:16 “Your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.” Prior to the fall – Eve is in charge not Adam. But after the fall – Adam is in charge not Eve.

Eve is not a helper but actually a protector – say what? The term in Hebrew for helper found in Gen v.2:18 is עֵזֶר ʿezer, which is rooted in עָזַר ʿazar, which means to surround, protect or aid, help or succor. Eve was a protector that surrounded and protected Adam from falling into sin – huh? Adam had a natural tendency towards disobedience in chapter 2. God was concerned that Adam would eat the fruit of the ‘tree of knowledge’ after He gave the command to Adam, “do not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge lest ye shall die” (Gen v.2:17). We see this if we look at the next verse which is Gen v.2:18, “It is not good for man (Adam) to be alone.” So he created animals next and none were sufficient in stopping Adams disobedience (Gen v.2:20) until he met Eve. Eve was the key to preventing Adam from transgressing Gods command because she was the link – through his rib (a covering from Adams heart) back to God. Eve was created not in the same way as Adam – God took her away and formed her totally in His presence alone…wow!

Adam was dependent on Eve – say what? We see this in v.2:24 which states, “A man shall leave his mother and his father and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh.” Adam is dependent on Eve and Eve is dependent upon God. Here we see the chain link that the author is describing in the story. This link now gives us a key as to why the Serpent went to Eve.

Eve wasn’t the cause of the fall Adam was – say what? Eve wasn’t created at the time that the command not to eat the fruit was given by God. Adam transgressed the law of God not Eve. Adam knew it was wrong and went ahead and ate. This is the foundation of Sin, to know something and willingly (intentionally) transgress it. Adam simply loved Eve more than God and this was the root of the fall. But because both are one flesh, Eve got caught up in Adams sin.

Eve had a natural desire to be independent based on her power – say what? The serpent actually worked on Eve’s natural desire for independence rooted in her power and protective ability to bring forth life in the Garden. Mothers tend to depend on themselves and are a source of creative power, protection and life in a family – just look at how single mothers of today still carry and protect their children with strength courage and commitment in a world of pain suffering and fear, even though they are living independent of their husbands. Eve is a symbol of great power for all women. This desire to be independent is rooted in power and is actually a weakness. Eve had a weakness that the serpent manipulated. Only after receiving knowledge did Eve recognize what had happened.

Eve as an innocent victim of deception is humbled through the fall – say what? After the fall, Eve continually makes reference to God in everything. She has recognized that even though created as a very powerful woman in the beginning, she had a touch of weakness that the serpent took advantage of – she saw that a desire for independence was actually rooted in the sin of pride. Pride comes before the fall. After the fall Eve sees herself as being totally dependent on the life giving source of all things – God the creator and not herself nor Adam. Eve learnt that independence is rooted in power and pride. Eves dependence after the fall is rooted in her humility and lack of power – a recognition that she can do nothing apart from the creator. Now we have a key to understand what the Apostle Paul and Timothy are talking about when referencing 1 Cor 14:34 and Timothy 2:9 – they are referencing Eve.

The Serpent hates the woman more than the man because she revealed the truth – say what? Adam didn’t reveal the truth of the deceiver, Eve did. The serpent (devil) is angry at Eve because she revealed the truth. Paul referenced Jesus as the second Adam in 1 Cor 15:45, the church is therefore the second Eve 1 Tim 2:13. The serpent continues to target the church (Bride of Christ) to make her a transgressor because it is the church that reveals the truth of the deceiver. 1 Tim 2:15, “Yet she will be saved through child bearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.” Here Timothy is talking about the church as an allegory using Eve. Her purpose Eve/Bride of Christ/Church is to give birth to children of faith, love, holiness and self control. But be aware – Eden shows us that we no longer find the serpent as a docile creature in the world, we find it as an aggressive poisonous creature in the church. The serpent continually tries to deceive the people and consume her children just like it did in the beginning – things never change.


We need to check and test everything in relation to the Word of God. The serpent made a slight change to the words of the original commandment given by God to Adam when he spoke to Eve, “You shall NOT die.” (Compare Gen 2:17 with Gen 3:4). But after the fall, Eve had the courage to continue in suffering with humility. We are her children and we must continue in her footsteps in humility, strength and courage, with Christ as the lamp to our feet as the Word of God (John 1:1).

Cover image taken from https://biblescienceguy.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/evesnake.jpg

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