Freedom and Form

Where there is chaos, there is no life. For Life proceeds from union. Union is structure which defies chaos. Where there is chaos there is no structure. Only in chaos is there freedom. Freedom does not allow union. For union is to create form. Form is to remove itself from freedom. For freedom is opposite … Continue reading Freedom and Form

Cains Offering Rejected?

I have just typed this question into Google, "Why did God reject Cains offering?" WOW! What a plethora of confusing information. There are three major ideas behind the reason of Gods rejection of Cains offering, Gods Sovereignty, Cains Heart, Blood Sacrifice. Let me provide a very simple answer that will hopefully remove all the confusion. … Continue reading Cains Offering Rejected?, smashed big time!

An email just came through into my inbox from saying that their creationist argument against the Big Bang hypothesis is no longer valid. Read more here: I have been following for a while and they have been doing a great job fighting for Christ and the literal truth of the Bible as … Continue reading, smashed big time!